Starco Logistics works with the world’s biggest firms in the automotive industry as they have a long and successful track record and they provide Car Moving Services. These market-leading firms know they can trust us to fulfill our role as a vital link in their uninterrupted supply chains whether they are shipping cars, motorcycles, large trucks, or engine parts.

Car Moving

We have branches and set-ups all across Pakistan but our main setups are in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. We offer Car Moving Se door-to-door services, moving cars daily, and terminal to terminal services all over Pakistan. So we will make the transport of your car, truck, or van easy through Car Moving Services. Our main concern is gaining the trust of our clients and therefore that our team provides the clients with transit insurance. If our clients get the value of satisfaction we’re more than happy then.

Car Carrier Service

Our prices are very economically friendly to meet our client’s financial requirements. Our dedicated teams understand the demands of automotive logistics and the pressures faced by manufacturers, like you, operating Just-In-Time (JIT) or Just-In-Sequence (JIS) production cycles. For which Star Co Logistics has the experience, expertise, and reliability to support such time-sensitive requirements, ensuring your cargo is in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Starco logistics offers pets relocation service and different services to meet our client’s goals such as Fast and reliable transit, project cargo services, bulky equipment delivery, extensive equipment inventory, and automotive shipping worldwide. Most of the companies provide services such as transportation of vehicles from one place to another but do not have the proper multi-car carrying trucks, they use the old fashioned trucks for delivering the vehicles to the given premises. Whereas our company has the new equipment and they also do the before shifting vehicle services or Car Moving Services. Those services wash the vehicle, disable alarms, take off the electronic plugs or chargers, check the leaks, check all tires, remove custom accessories, lock the vehicle and also arrange the documents of the car with it. Our other services include:

Dependable car moving

Shipping a car

Moving your car with your household goods

Moving cars with professional auto movers

Quick and easy car shifting

Worldwide car shipping

Vehicle moving companies

Transit insurance

Door to door services

Feel Free To Contact With Us

Whenever you plan on shiting or transferring any kind of vehicle in Pakistan don’t hesitate to contact Star Logistics. Our team handles such transportation services with a lot of care and security. Your vehicles are safe in our hands and we promise to deliver them just in time.

Star Co Logistic has a fleet in which they transport the vehicles with the best professional movers that provide a lot of safety. We are always ready to serve our customers 24 hours.

You can register on our website or contact us on the numbers mentioned.