Star Co Logistics works with the world’s biggest firms in the automotive industry as they have a long and successful track record and they provide Car Moving Services. These market-leading firms know they can trust us to fulfill our role as a vital link in their uninterrupted supply chains whether they are car movers, shipping cars, motorcycles, large trucks, or engine parts.

Car Moving

We have branches and set-ups all across Pakistan. But our main setups are in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. We offer Car Moving Se door-to-door services, moving cars daily, and terminal to terminal services all over Pakistan. We will make the transport of your car, truck, or van easy through Car Moving Services. Our main concern is gaining the trust of our clients Therefore that our team provides the clients with transit insurance. If our clients get the value of satisfaction we’re more than happy then.

Car Carrier Service

Our prices are very economically friendly to meet our client’s financial requirements. Our dedicated teams understand the demands of automotive logistics and the pressures faced by manufacturers. Like you, operating Just-In-Time (JIT) or Just-In-Sequence (JIS) production cycles. For which Starco Logistics has the experience, expertise, and reliability to support such time-sensitive requirements. Ensuring your cargo is in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Star co logistics offers different services to meet our client’s goals. Such as Fast and reliable transit, project cargo services, extensive equipment inventory, and automotive shipping worldwide. Most of the companies provide services such as transportation of vehicles from one place to another. But do not have the proper multi-car carrying trucks. They use the old fashioned trucks for delivering the vehicles to the given premises. Whereas our company has the new equipment. They also do the before shifting vehicle services or Car Moving Services. Those services wash the vehicle, disable alarms, take off the electronic plugs or chargers, check the leaks. Check all tires, remove custom accessories, lock the vehicle and also arrange the documents of the car with it. Our other services include:

Dependable car moving.

Shipping a car.

Moving your car with your household goods.

Moving cars with professional auto movers.

Quick and easy car shifting.

Worldwide car shipping.

Vehicle moving companies.

Transit insurance.

Door to door services.

Feel Free To Contact With Us

Whenever you plan on shiting or transferring any kind of vehicle in Pakistan. So don’t hesitate to contact Star Logistics. Our team handles such transportation services with a lot of care and security. Your vehicles are safe in our hands. Because we promise to deliver them just in time.

Star Co Logistic has a fleet in which they transport the vehicles with the best professional movers. That provide a lot of safety. We are always ready to serve our customers 24 hours.

You can register on our website or contact us on the numbers mentioned.

Car moving services

Our car moving services makes your special car travel a stress-free experience. By giving you peace of mind that your car is being transported in a closed vehicle from collection to delivery in a professional location. If you want to transport a car to and from Pakistan. You will need the information of a special transport company. Linkers Car Carrier Company Listed Car Dealers Company Pakistan Our Offices in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Rawalpindi Multan Faisalabad and all other major Pakistani cities Van Truck transfers to other stations. Direct Linkers Carrier Services Your Department by Department and Airport Terms according to your needs.

  • Full insurance car / Mobile Car Company.
  • Safe, reliable equipment to take care of your car on network company routes.
  • The transport team members are highly trained and friendly to provide excellent service.
  • Our trucks are well maintained, clean and marked.
  • Non-group members.
  • You choose the date and time for the collection and delivery of your car.
  • Last-minute availability.

Auto car movers

Our auto car movers are one stopping place for all your transportation needs. We know how important your car, bike is to you and to move it carefully is a must. So we have prepared a great website for professional car drivers in the country. Because we bring you in touch with carriers from all over Pakistan. Who identify your need and provide you with the best transportation services. By visiting our carrier services, you can find the best and cheapest car company services now.

 Car movers

Our car movers in addition to all insured ones. But if you want to claim some insurance for your car Linkers. Logistics offers you Insurance Place for our customers and fully fills the appropriate claim. Our Car Carrier Company has gained a reputation for delivering professional services through personal touch. Our versatility and experience in the transport industry enable us to cater for the specific needs of our customers at all times. A team of carriers and professional staff with experience in car management and transportation. Who serve the company’s key customers day and night with dedication. Our staff has sound handling skills loading, unloading of vehicles. For all our carriers fully armed with state-of-the-art technology.

Car shipping

Transportation, or transportation, a service that transports vehicles from one place to another. You can send via open transport or closed transport (extra protection). In general, closed automatic transport will cost 30-40% more than open transport.

We provide car owners with a list of trails or potential carriers. Based on the search terms of the owner. The owner is responsible from there to further research or contact the carriers in the list. To determine the best option for their needs and budget.

Our company make a real move in your car. Pick it up and drop it off at your destination. You can work directly with a network company from requesting a shipping quote, to getting details, to actual transportation. Using a transport dealer in your car offers many benefits in addition to the other two options. First and foremost, you are not limited to one company network option. Dealers have a network of thousands of carriers. Can find you the best solution based on your needs and unique vehicle. You do not need to make many calls or visit a lot of network company websites to resolve the option. They also make it a goal to communicate back and forth with the network company of your choice. So that you can easily relax and focus your time and attention elsewhere.

Most car exporters prefer open car transport. As it is industry standard and the cheapest way for car exporters to deliver your car. For additional protection of vehicle shipments. We recommend using car transportation services that protect vehicles from weather and debris. Closed automatic shut-off can increase the cost of travel. But it is worth the peace of mind for soft, unusual or extravagant transportation.

Advanced services across Pakistan

Our car mover’s services are one of Pakistan’s leading network service providers. We provide services for those people from Karachi to Khyber to anywhere in Pakistan. We take extra care when it comes to transporting vehicles. Such as transportation services, transportation services, and car company services. Advanced car services as they are a special and expensive asset. With this in mind, we have a team of packaging professionals. Who use advanced equipment handling equipment to handle the car with great care. This ensures that the transport of the vehicle is carried out safely and reliably. We also ensure that no reloading and reloading is carried out at major consolidation centers. Which reduces the risk of damage while transporting the vehicle.

Schedule time management

If you choose our car shipping service, the transportation specialist will help you navigate the car shipping. Planning and billing papers, from start to finish. Your shipping specialist will help you understand your pick-up, shipping and delivery. And will work with you to schedule loading and delivery times. We provides mobile and regional transport services and nationwide. No matter how far away, we can meet all your travel needs and provide you with seamless transportation information.