Logistics Freight Solutions

There a major difference between a goods suppliers and a strategic partner of exporter. Because we want to become your strategic partner through logistic solution. So we want to support our customers as investing partner does. Because we care about our customers ease.  Logistics Freight solutions offers full fledge freight services and logistic services. We offer these services to the customers at distant places around the globe. Through their logistic agents without being there with proper setup. Because our basic purpose is to make our logistic company supportive for our customers. So that our company could have good recognition among internationals partners and customers. Roles of logistic Freight solutions involves the procurement of logistics, production logistics. It also involves recovery logistics, and recycling logistics. Literal meaning of logistics are related to military terms. In war times, supplying of all required equipment’s and goods was a logistic function.

Logistics freight solutions

Logistic solutions assist freight forwarding in transportation of goods. It also assists from producer to consumer. Logistic freight solution purpose of logistic freight solution is not only to meet. But also exceed the expectations of our customers. So logistic freight solutions ensures safe and secure delivery of good’s From origin country to land place.

Logistics solutions

The role of logistic solutions constitutes of transportation of material, storage, packaging and cargo handling. Distribution processing and information processing. And many systems put in place to transfer products from production site to consuming site.


Global logistics solution

Global logistic solution is on the other hand focuses transport of products all around the world. Unlike of local transportation of products. In order to manage global logistics solutions. We have to evaluate the right global logistic operating model. Our primary goal is customer’s satisfaction. In order to get alignment of our performance. We maintain relations with logistic service providers. So our customers can have a logistic service pertaining commitment global logistic solution.

In order to improve logistic solution we conduct on the supply chain mapping. We find alternative sources, determine potential risk, and locate distribution centers close to shipping ports. In order to reduce risks of we identify and assess our material sources. We also identify constraints of such as long lead times in order to reduce delay.

There are three types of logistic solutions:

  • Inbound logistics
  • Outbound logistics
  • Reverse logistics

Inbound logistic are basically related to incoming flow resources needed to make a product. While dealing with inbound logistics solution. So we cover managing suppliers, costs and transportation. To ensure that materials has reached to its destination. In procurement inbound logistics. We deal with sourcing and transporting raw material from supplier to buyer’s factory. The size of procurement affects inbound. Such as large size materials such as machineries and perishable goods from overseas would have complex inbound logistics. On the other hand small size goods like office furniture’s pertains simple inbound logistics.


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Logistics Freight Solutions

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistic is the process of moving product from users. Back to the origin to recover value or for proper disposal. We renew the value of used product is recoverd through recycling or reuse. A refurbished iPhone is good example of reverse logistics. 

All the procedure of materials transportation is under supervision of our logistic companies.  So that plan, implement and control the movement and storage of goods, services and information between origins.

Therefore we can conclude that logistic solutions take note of all the transportation. As well as documentation of material transporting from producers to consumers.


Outbond Logistic

Outbound logistic solutions involves in delivering materials from purchaser to customer at minimum cost. Our company bring out value preposition to their customers. Return it up with their outbound logistic solution. Our logistic company support the value of customer’s material. It also provides quick response and service to customer.