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Pakistan has been blessed with a lot of natural resources which it produces in excessive form. These are exported abroad for export purposes and huge revenue is earned by exporting the product but also the country does not have everything locally made. The products which are not locally made or produced are imported from other countries. Pakistan’s major imports are fuel oil, petroleum products, palm oil, crude petroleum, iron and steel, automobile machinery parts, electronic items, mobile phones and laptops, etc. The annual volume of Pakistan’s largest imports is over 50 billion dollars. Starco Logistics is one of the leading importing company of Pakistan. We provide the best importing services in Pakistan as well as all over the world.

Pakistan's top imports

According to experts, imports of petroleum, automobiles, cellular phones and foodstuffs have increased significantly. Pakistan’s top imports are listed below

Petroleum products

Among the 10 largest national imports, oil and petroleum products accounted for 14.617 billion dollars. Petroleum products are the highest importing products imported by Pakistan. 


After the petroleum products machinery and mechanical equipment are the 2nd most highest importing products of Pakistan, valued at 8.335 billion dollars. Chemicals and its products at 6.40 billion dollars.

Base metals

According to the reports, the fourth largest imports are base metals, valued at 4.787 billion dollars. The imports of textiles and its machinery are valued at 4.97 billion dollars. Transport equipment is valued at 3.257 billion dollars.

Plastic and its products

plastic and its products are 2.864 billion and vegetable imports are 8 2.852 billion.

Oil products

The import value of oil and oil products is 2.150 billion and miscellaneous imports are 1.681 billion.

Luxury products

The luxury products are not even mentioned in the top 10 import products as they are worth 1 billion annually while the total value of the top 10 imports is 50.680 billion dollars.

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Advantages of Importing

Whenever people talk about importing they buy products from another country. The businesses and companies try to import the products from other countries to increase the choices for their clients to buy products. However, this isn’t the main advantage of importing; there is something else to consider. Here are some of them.

  • Acquainting new products With the market
  • Decreasing costs.
  • Turning into a leader in the industry.
  •  Giving high quality products