Sea freight services has been serving us and our generations for a long time provides you awareness about Logistics fraud. It is basically a method of transporting containerized cargo loaded onto container by sea. But revolutions and radical changes in sea freight services are new and advanced. About 90% of objects are transported though sea transport services. Including all major to minor materials such as oils and petroleum, packed and processed foods and fruits respectively. Our sea transport services involves in transportation of big sized commodities such as agro-products, (wheat, corn and rice) coal, iron, crude oil and petroleum. Engines and propellers are also transported through sea transport services. Thus ocean transport services are less economic and environmental friendly services. Due to its extensive coverage around the world, it is more reliable freight transport.

Shipping containers

Perhaps you just have left your hard and tiring work to read this article which is not going to make your time waste as it will add knowledge to your preexisting knowledge that everything around you, which is providing you comfort in any sense in reward of shipping containers. Imported furniture’s, crockery, electronic appliances such as TV, refrigerators, generators, washing machines, smartphones and laptops are loaded on large shipping containers and travelled through thousands of miles to make us comfortable. Shortage of these containers can pose serious and drastic effects to world trade system.

Ocean freight

Ocean freight is home to a number of carriers.  Our ocean freight services can provide our customers carry your cargo. The largest of the carriers. We have well experienced and at home staff to provide ocean freight services. Services are provided at best rate and affordable prices.

Full container load:

Our relationship with clients is based on flexibility of our services we provide on variability of their needs. Such relationship can last for long period of time. Due to this fact our Logistics fraud services are able to cover maximum parts of world. Under this service of full load container, we offer ideal place to get space on ships and find schedules. Full container load are supported by web based tracking systems enabling customers to gain visibility of their shipment position.

Less container load:

Proving this service can renders multi country consolidation services for more complex shipments, which helps in managing freight services time and freight services costs. Shipping and arrangements of all these containers across the sea depends on form and type of shipment. There are several steps to take to arrange settlement for a ship on sea. This process takes some time but safety of materials is ensured as long as a containers is safe from any sort of natural disaster.

Non-containerized cargo:

  • Cargo readiness checks at port
  • Loading supervision
  • Port captain service

Hence, we care about delivery of material on time and with affordable price. Also maintaining all the internal conditions of container in order to preserve material such as packed foods, appropriate temperature is settled.  Ensuring safety, we deliver cargo long ways around the world.

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Sea Transport

Sea transport takes longer time as compare to other transport freight services. But sea transport is far cheaper and there are fewer restrictions on shipping hazardous. For sea transport you are paying fewer price for accommodating more place. Our sea freight services provides a highly cost effective method of transporting of large, heavy and normal loads. In order to meet demands by locally and globally diverse client-base, we also focus on regionally and globally cross trade shipments. For us it delivery of material at appropriate time is more important for gaining reliability of customers. By investing in our long term and reliable relationship, our services offers you a secure ocean freight services.

For us it delivery of material at appropriate time is more important for gaining reliability of customers. By investing in our long term and reliable relationship, our services offers you a secure ocean freight services. Our customers rely on our worldwide expanded services and our expertise in international ocean freight. Many reputable countries in trading are leveraging our freight forwarding global network.

Our customers show understanding to our strategy of managing sea freight services and its links with other services such freight forwarding, multimodal transport, cross border services, or custom house brokerage.

There are types of sea transport services:

  • Full container load
  • Less than container load
  • Non containerized cargo