Our air cargo transportation allows transport of goods by air. Cargo by air is comparatively high in cost. As compare to cargo by sea. But air cargo is fastest way of delivering material. It is most appropriate way of transporting goods internationally. Air cargo is reliable for its short transit time. As it ensure departure and arrival of goods with less delay in time. Due to short time of air cargo shipment. Insurance premiums on air freight is generally low. Our air cargo shipment is very secure. That chances of being stolen and damage are reduced. Clearance time for air freight is fast.

General Cargo

General cargo includes high value goods. Such as jewelry, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Air shipping is more expensive than shipping by sea. As electronic objects are fragile. So air freight is more appropriate form of transport. 

Special Cargo

Requires Special conditions for transporting things. Such as temperature control, certain air conditions are required for sensitive or perishable objects.


Sea cargo

The sea cargo freight is home. For most of business icon. Because of its worth. Sea cargo is a method of transporting large sized objects using carrier objects. Our sea cargo transport is less expensive. As compare to air cargo transport. Our 90% of trade takes place trough sea cargo transport. Heavy sized material is luggage of sea cargo. Such as vessels and containers. Sea cargo freight is a key driver of development of international commerce.

Sea and air cargo

Our Sea and air cargo are top carriers. Save on shipping cost and on time freight. Sea and air cargo are equally important. Freight transport with few differences. Related to cost and time. Air and sea cargo has proved a worthy tool of worldwide transport across the globe. We encourage our customers to take full advantage of containerized cargo transportation related services. This mode of transportation reliable and efficient. In case of long distances.Examining the individual customer economical requirements. We experienced staff offer optimal freight transportation routes at competitive prices. The technical ways of sea cargo makes it enable to transport crude oil. It makes enable petroleum objects and condensed gas. It also make enable raw materials of agro-products, cars and livestock’s. In order to reduce all risks due to such heavy material. Sea freight is strictly regulated by national and international norms


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International Air Cargo

Todays interconnected world is result of international air cargo. With its development world become global village. As people demand every product of their necessity within short transit time. International air cargo has made it possible by connected world through its carriers to transport materials.

The plane is a secure way of international air cargo. Which ensures greater profitability. Although it charges more. But its portability of speedy recovery of materials is more quick and responsive. Due to this reason, many business companies choose our international air cargo for import export purposes. If you need safe and secure transport of your goods within short time to longer distances. Then our international air cargo is very supportive to you.  

There are many articles of transport materials which poses some risks to journey. Such as petroleum, explosives and flammable objects. Crude oil, toxic, corrosive infectious and radioactive materials. But our international freight cargo ensures all security of this type of material. As its preparatory measures are so efficient. It requires a series of specialized procedures to guarantee. So that the logistic operations proceed with minimum risk of surprises. During past 2 years of pandemic. Our internationals air and sea cargo proved helpful. Due to increasing demand of materials across the globe.Hence, in order to choose speed and geographical flights. Choose our air cargo transportation. And for long distance cargo deliveries, an economical, versatile and reliable option of international transport. Choose our sea cargo transport.