Cash on delivery

For the first time online consumers will always face a level of mistrust combined with anonymous fears. They may have heard how easy it is to shop online. But many are avoiding the actual process of completing a full order. Due to fears about online payments. Cash on delivery has given many the belief. That even if their order is not delivered. They have never made real money on their imaginary gambling. And through this process have protected themselves from any potential complaints. I have always believed, that once our customers have taken this important first step in online shopping. Then the work of the entire ecommerce industry from retailers to business partners. To payment gateways and ultimately even ecommerce store support managers will satisfy customer needs. Once trust has been established between customers and sellers. Then online payment platforms finally start to work in a real way.

Therefore, safety and security will always be a top priority. Banks, Fintech and regulators play a key role in supporting and assisting retailers. To promote the use of payment methods in advance. We will be exploring their roles in this article.


There are other factors and costs. That ecommerce marketers should consider in order to get to the actual cost of COD. Conversion rate Prepaid payments are low. Due to the high rate of failure of non-cash methods. I have seen failures of up to 50% on certain prepaid payment methods. There is always a risk that the customer may not try another order. Thus denying the seller any chance of total revenue.

Cod Service

Forum provides the best courier services to its valued customers across Pakistan. We collect your important packages on on-demand basis. And deliver to your required destination or person for an affordable fee. We also provide same city and intercity cash on delivery services to registered businesses. Ensuring complete safety and fast delivery of your packages.

Forum is also committed to serving its customers.  By providing On-Demand Services from pickup to delivery. Our representative will come and take your order on demand at your provided address. Serve you by charging affordable cash on delivery prices. We offer services in different cities of Pakistan. Including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi. So, take advantage of our services and experience the difference.

Forum is a highly reliable courier company. That provides Same Day cash on delivery services to send parcels and documents within the same city. Same Day cash on delivery rates apply to every order as per account/standard on delivery demand. Pickup will be done the next day.

 Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery services has its own Contact Center. And has a trained team of over 35 agents to ensure that our E-Retailers Vendors receive customer service. On a typical day our customer services are involved in a variety of activities. From simple question tracking to delivery to resolving complex delivery situations that require focused attention. Our Rider App allows passengers to pick up E-Retailers on conference call. And resolve disputes in real time with end customers. This lowers the rate of return and improves our quality of service to our E-Retail customers.


Our Couriers are the best in the class when it comes to E-Commerce deliveries. Every Couriers spends 90% of its time delivering via E-Commerce.  Knows how to manage your COD shipping. Our dedicated COD processing staff are spread across the country. Making sure your E-Commerce orders are delivered on time and customer expectations are met.

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We offers
  • Online Delivery Status
  • 24 to 48 Hours Delivery Time
  • Web-based Online Portal Booking
  • Delivery Time Delivery
  • Customized Service Programs
  • Various Packing Options
  • Fragrance, Special Event and Shipping Management
  • SMS notifications for booking, route and delivery
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • State of The Art Call Center
  • Invoice reports on portal
  • Ready to Use Magneto, Shopify, Open Cart Plugins etc.
Strong consultation and assistance

Our Professional Store integration team will assist you with your requirements, no matter what. From ERP integration to Google Forms our technical team offers integration options to suit all E-Retailers. We provide support for popular E-Commerce platforms. Like Magneto and Woo Commerce as well as hosting solutions. Such as Shopify, Fishery and WebX. We have also integrated our shipping solutions with commercial ERPs. Such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One and Lumen soft Candela.

Restoration logistics and reverse

Are Restoration concerned? Customers often reject your shipping? Let our cash on delivery services take care of it. With the help of E-Commerce Shipping Vessels and 3 Effort Policy for each shipping. We make sure the shipping is refunded only if it really rejects your customer. Our Customer Service Department communicates with your customers for delivery. And ensures that returns are as smooth as possible.

Cash on delivery

For quality sensitive electronic retailers. We also offers an open box delivery system. Because that allows your customer to check shipping before paying you cash. Called the Open Box delivery, our riders help the customer open the package. Review the product before choosing to pay for it. This is ideal for products such as clothing or footwear. Where product sizes may vary from different e retailers. Hence by using our 24/7 service, you can avail easy way of home delivery.