Nowadays consumer wants to buy the comfort of his own home. Get his hands on the product he wants. And how will that happen? Yes courtesy of the best courier service. People love to go with the times. Today’s consumer avoids the crowd and likes to  shop in the luxury of his home. The many services like international courier offered by courier companies. To get the product you desire for security and efficiency at courier costs. In time, many people start a digital online business. To help all those who want to get their things done without the hassle.

Courier Service

Your international business requires cargo insurance. To remove chances of risks and dangers associated with importing and exporting. Importance of safe transportation of goods along long ways of ocean. Can be understand by any of businessman and trader. As any harm to vessels loaded with goods can be alarming for repute of cargo trade. That’s why it is sensitive to take care of materials during transportation. Because it is not only about sailing. But the safety should also be ensured during, packing, handling and loading unloading of goods. Including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Our courier service is the fastest growing courier company in Pakistan. Making its location much faster among other courier services

Worldwide courier

We are aware of the urgent need for your document delivery. For this reason postman prioritizes your documents. Postman International’s mail delivery services work to deliver the fastest documents around the world. We have a worldwide courier network . That helps you meet all the promises made to customers and other business partners.


International Courier

We are retailers of the world’s No. 1 courier company. Therefore, we provide complete portable solutions and tracking of packages and insurance. So we promise to be the best international courier services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and all of Pakistan. With the fastest international delivery services. Postman ranks at the lowest prices among the list of international postal service providers. Above all, Postman provides customized solutions to all of your shipping needs overseas.

 From picking up your shipment and bringing it to your doorstep. Most of our experienced and trained staff know the value of your package. So each package is handled with personal care and in accordance with International Packing Standards. Postman Express and Logistics offers a wide range of delivery options around the world. As well as a specialized team to provide secure, flexible and personalized services 24/7. Our global parcel services can meet your needs and guarantee you the best shipping rates for any parcel delivery.


Cheap Courier Rates

Our courier services offers services on cheap courier rates. With less urgent shipping, even those that require reliable, guaranteed delivery on the day. We have services that offer the best alternative for your business. Departure time usually ranges from two to five days. Depending on the origin and location. Shipping by international courier service is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to ship parcels overseas. It is also flexible, reliable and secure. So it allowing you to track the movement of your property every step of the way. You will also benefit from unparalleled customer service. Which helps you make the whole shipping experience easier and simpler.

Compare the scope of clear and economical services with just a glance. All you have to do is enter your weight and size to get the output of service. We will take you through each step of booking. Make sure you have everything you need to make an international delivery. In case you need help, our customer service team is ready to help you. We are accessible by phone, email and live chat.

Courier Delivery Service

We have been supplying aircraft, marine goods and courier services worldwide. We offer door-to-door collections and deliveries. Which means our couriers can pick up that at your preferred address. As major account holders with large network companies. We can negotiate discounted prices and pass on this savings.

Our courier service is offering delivery options for the Next Day or Similar Day. The worldwide express courier service and its staff are proud to be able to carefully manage all types of items. From the delicate screening machines of hospital theaters to large and unusual large sign boards. All of which are treated the same way.

The company then expanded the Home Delivery Service. Thereafter gained a reputation for delivering Medical and related products to patients in their homes, with a reputation that has improved and improve.

Hence, we are covering all the aspects of delivery your products in safe hands. So you can better trust our courier services.