If the main priority is transportation from door to door. Rather than having to deal with a long and tedious process of customization and approval of goods. So by choosing our logistics services. You will be able to use this department by door. Because you have to sit in your seat after relying on our door-to-door ministry. 

We will provide delivery termination documents when required. In all cases we are subject to the laws, regulations and limits of local authorities. We must comply with these requirements at all times. It offers our shipping to or from any country. Where we are physically located. So by sending it from house to house. You skip mediators and come up with a more organized marine solution.

Our Shipping Services:

Our shipping services help our customers save time, energy and money. Therfore, by being very selective about where we offer you door to door delivery. We can ensure that shipments arrive in the right places on time, safe, and secure.

Dangerous or hazardous materials are not permitted in our activities. This may include aerosols, batteries, perfumes. This also includes paints or anything that burns or contains harmful gases

Air Cargo:

Our air cargo services are the fastest and easiest way to ship your goods. Shipping of aircraft goods is required to pass a strict security check. These tightly controlled controls at airports reduce exposure to theft and damage. Once you have registered to book air cargo with Tudor International Freight. You will receive full details of the flight you are sending. So you can track your excess cargo online from your destination.

Sea Cargo:

Our sea cargo service is an efficient and cost-effective way to transport heavy packages or large items overseas. We specialize in exporting all kinds of goods worldwide using our seafood service. Departure time may vary and it should be borne in mind. That depending on the destination, departure times may be between eight and 12 weeks. Which is much slower than on airline goods. Details will include the name of the ship. The date of arrival not far from the port of destination and the contact details of the shipping agent. This agent will be your first contact point to find your documents and begin the process of deleting your posts. While we may ship a package containing individual packages. We can always recommend that it is much safer to install them.

The sea and air cargo services provided by our freight services are well equipped. These services have performed by reliable and dedicated staff. Air and sea cargo services are so reliable.  So that you should drink a cup of tea and leave the whole process to our services.

We Provide Satisfaction:

Our experienced staff arranges air freight worldwide for a variety of goods. Which includes perishables and hazardous materials. We select the appropriate routes according to your individual needs. Because our agreements with international airlines and airport  terminals. Which enable us to provide industry-leading services at competitive prices at all stages of the transportation process. Shipping remains in high demand due to fast delivery times, extensive local access and low risk of fraud. Our cargo services help its Clients to enjoy all the benefits of online shipping.  Staff analyzes customer needs and product specifications. Our staff identifies optimal shipping routes, and estimates airline shipping costs. We arrange the delivery of any goods in strict accordance with the agreed time frame and place of delivery. Thanks to close cooperation with international airlines we offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service.

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Door To Door service

International air cargo:

Our international air cargo offers many timely options from cost-effective planning to first flight. On the same day, delivering reliability at the speed you need. International air goods will travel faster and faster. After disembarking from the air. Your goods will be transported by truck across the street to your door. In a nutshell, the entire journey of your goods is our customary consent burden and all other documentation.

Complete flexibility in delivery options (e.g. door-to-door, airport to airport) gives you the ability to customize your flight load. Access to manageable options ensures that your goods acquire reliable travel time, worldwide.